Monday, 27 July 2015

Circle Lenses with Interesting Design: Barbie Romana Grey

They look amazing with different makeup looks. Barbie Romana grey go great with a cute and soft look as well as with a more dark makeup look and style. Amazing ! n_n They also give you an amazing enlargement on your eyes due to the size, the color and the design of the lenses. 

"I must say that I really adore this design ! It's interesting, fun and soooo cute ! From a distance it looks like you have kind of dark eyes with a hind of grey, but up close people really react to the design and they often ask to look a bit closer. (I'm so awkward that I always start laughing and winking alot when people do this 'cause they come really close and just stare at your eyes, haha.) I think this is one of my favorite designs on lenses. I also got grey/blue-ish eyes naturally with makes these lenses blend perfectly with my natural eye color ! (Just look at that closeup among the pictures further down in this review ! *^*)"

More details can be found here

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