Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Considerations when Wearing a Complimenting Set of False Eye Lashes with Contact Lenses

People wear contact lenses and pair them up with false eye lashes to accentuate their eyes. Long, thick and dramatic false eye lashes contribute to the dolly effect contact lenses create. The complimenting beauty enhancement such as application of eye shadows should be done appropriately to avoid looking overly adorned or over-whelmed. False eye lashes need care and concern as they might poke into your eyes and scratch your contact lenses, leading to superficial corneal damages.
  • Always choose your false eye lashes carefully. They should be light weight, airy & hand-made. Hand-made false eye lashes do not shed as they are tied and knotted more carefully at the band.
  • Instead of individual false eye lashes, use strip lashes; for instance Stella false lashes from Taiwan. Individual lashes are difficult to handle especially if you wear contact lenses. The lash strands can easily get into your eyes.
  • Avoid lash-building mascaras with contact lenses. These lash-building fibers can mess with your contact lenses, leading to itching & excruciating painful eyes.
  • Also avoid using water-proof mascara because it has been proven to be the most stubborn thing when it comes to makeup removal at night. The clumps could get into your eye the other day when you put your contact lenses back in.
  • Avoid overly dramatic false eye lashes when wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses cause eye strain if worn for more than 4-6 hours. Depending on your wearing length and working schedule false eye lashes would only add up to the eye strain as they might cause your lids to droop.
Stella Pointed 5122

Some doctors opine to completely avoid wearing false eye lashes. However, if you are wearing Stella false eye lashes from the “Natural Prime Series”, you are safe. These are 100% hand-made and made from soft nylon fibers with almost a transparent lash band; suitable for daily wear.

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