Tuesday, 14 July 2015

3 Things to Consider When Styling Synthetic Wigs

Styling a Wig

Synthetic wigs are prone to matting, shedding, fading and frizzing. If not taken proper care of, a synthetic wig will lose the charm as it begins to get old.  Moreover, if a synthetic wig has curls or waves, it will develop frizz on the locks or tangles. When styling your wig take note of following factors

Oil Sheen Spray

To improve the texture of synthetic wigs, all you need is Oil sheen spray. A light mist of oil sheen spray helps taming down the frizz whereas also provides a new healthy shine to synthetic wigs. To detangle a tangled wig, treating your wig with this DIY conditioner would help.

Using Hair Gels, Mousses, Sprays & Shampoos

When styling synthetic wigs always avoid using regular products. Synthetic wigs can be the most unforgiving when treated with human hair products. Synthetic wigs are made from plastic fibers thus regular hair products are not compatible with synthetic wigs. Only use products formulated for synthetic wigs. Being more specific and using products solely made for heat-resistant wig will save you a great deal of money. If you want to style a pixie cut with numerous spikes; use hair glue instead of gel.

Spraying Synthetic Wig with Colored Hair Spray for a Temporary Dye

If you are up to changing the color of the wig, always rely on wig dyes (acrylic inks or paints). Keep in mind that you cannot dye your wig a color lighter. Wigs can only be dyed a color darker and cannot be reverted to the original color whatsoever.

If you are hesitant about dyeing a wig, you might want to try staining a wig using hair-chalks. Hair-chalks last only a shampoo.

It is advised to wash your wig every 20 wears or even more frequently if you are a cosplayer and your character demands you to put loads of styling products. Whenever, you try to give your wig a new hair style, trim or an entirely new cut always make sure that the wig is free from the residuals of glues, glitter etc. 

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