Friday, 31 July 2015

Circle Lenses for Brunettes: I.Fairy Dolly+ Brown & ICK Garnet Red

I.Fairy Dolly+ brown are awesome gold circle lenses whereas ICK Garnet red are defined best as bright cherry red. Follow the detailed product review or scan through it below:

"The “brown” of these Dolly+ brown is a striking honey color that borders on gold in the light.  Gold lenses that don’t look flat but actually pop in photos are like finding a rare unicorn, and these come very close to fitting the bill.  While improvements could be made, these are a lovely color - gold in bright light, darker honey brown in dimmer light.  But even when showing a browner tint, the dark outer ring makes them very striking.  Even on light blue eyes they’re quite rich, with any inner circle bleed tinted a light brown.  Being so opaque they are very unnatural-looking, so you may not want to use them for every day wear or if you’re looking for a natural brown.  But for cosplay or something more eye-catching, they’re great.

ICK Garnet red are an awesome color - the red is extremely rich and deep, and the color “garnet” is extremely accurate here.  They also manage to be as natural as a bold red lens can be, while showing up very clearly in photographs.  The only reason I docked a point is because you can see through the central ring a bit on light eyes (which seems to be pretty common amongst red lenses unfortunately).  This is not noticeable inside when your pupils are dilated, but in direct sunlight, expect to see some blue in photos."

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