Saturday, 25 July 2015

Over-Wearing Contact Lenses may lead to Painful Eye Conditions: Shirley Yeung

36, years old Hong Kong actress; Shirley Yeung made a fearlessly daring appearance, with an eye patch and sun glasses at a promotional event.  Sources claimed that she have had her corneas damaged due to over-wearing her contact lenses i.e. 20 hours straight in a day.

Perhaps, Yeung had not taken the warnings seriously that contact lenses are never to be worn exceeding the recommended time period. Had she been reading our blog, she would have memorized it that no matter in what circumstance you are stuck in, you must remove your contact lenses between 4-6 hours.

Yeung explained to Hong Kong Press that due to being unable to remove contact lenses during work, her eyes had become severely dehydrated that lead to painful eye condition and have had her corneas compromised.

“It hurts, so much as if someone is piercing my eye ball with a knife”

The lens felt like it was stuck to my eyeball and it took me nearly 15 minutes before I finally removed it. Something felt wrong and I couldn't sleep, so I quickly went to the hospital."

Contact lenses are medical devices- the fact that many of us tend to intentionally neglect. These corrective devices need careful handling and meticulous care. Over-wearing contact lenses may lead to “neovascularisation” a condition with over-grown blood vessels that may even rupture to fulfill eyes' oxygen need. Behave wisely, and never ignore the directions your contact lens provider disseminates!

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