Thursday, 9 July 2015

Got Hazel Eyes? Try I.Fairy Super Crystal Blue

If you have got hazel eyes and want to get an ethereal change, try I.Fairy Super Crystal blue circle lenses. These circle lenses lack the limbal ring; yet the enlargement effect is huge. The diameter is 16.2 mm which ensures the illusion of dolly big eyes. The transition provided by them is very clear whereas the pupil hole let your original eye color peep through, creating a sweet contrast of the two different shades. 

I.Fairy Super Crystal blue are soft and enigmatic. They are comfortable and vivid. The vivacious bright blue hue stand out and help you make a style statement. 

"I swear I have never tried a pair of comfortable lenses like these in my whole life. Once on you cannot literally feel them! My eyes are really dry and delicate, so I was extremely surprised and amazed"; reads a review of I.Fairy Super Crystal blue

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