Tuesday, 14 July 2015

3 Things to be Re-Checked before going in Public when Wearing Synthetic Wigs

Once in a while every woman has to face with a “Bad Hair Day”. No matter what products you apply and how much time you spend in styling it, your hair wisps would simply say no by going fizzy, dry & lack-lustrous. To rescue, synthetic wigs are considered a great option. Synthetic wigs need minimum care whilst ensuring to enhance the way you already look. However, if these 3 facts are neglected, synthetic wigs can be a pure havoc.

An Ill-Fit Wig

When you put on a wig please be careful about adjusting it on your scalp. An ill-fitting wig is a tremendous turn-off. If your synthetic wig fidgets or you have to keep adjusting it on and off, your wig may end up collecting nothing but embarrassment. Before stepping out, do take note of the ear tabs and the wig net- they should be kept hidden underneath.

Styling a Wig

Synthetic wig often comes with a factory-built style, bounce and shape. If on the other hand you decide to modify the style be very careful. If you sport wig for other than cosplay purposes, you would want to stick to a natural-looking hair style. Straightening a curly wig may add to the length of the wig or it may look matte or even faded (if straightened on high heat settings). Re-check if your synthetic wig looks lack-lustrous after ironing. You would want to use this DIY synthetic wig conditioner to bring back the texture and shine.

Your own Hair

A wig should be a depiction of true hair. If upon putting on a synthetic wig, you notice a lump or hair wisps coming through the wig, you need to re-stylize your hair from scratch. In case you have long and thick hair, it will be hard to ensure a firm base for a synthetic wig. Try pin-curling your hair evenly for a flat base. Sometimes synthetic wig produces foul smell when is not washed frequently. Wash your synthetic wigs every 20 wears to keep them look new

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