Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tips for Safe Grilling when Wearing Contact Lenses

Summer season carry thrill, excitement and fun. Whilst summer is all about achieving that beautiful smoldering tan, it is also the time when people fire up the grill. To make the most of summer, people stay out, surf & eat. Grilling & BBQ are the most seen side activities observed on a sunny day at beach. If you are wearing contact lenses, you need to consider following factors for safe grilling.

First and foremost; let us clear that no heat or smoke either from your fireplace, kitchen or your BBQ grill is strong enough to burn your contact lenses. There is no harm to wear contact lenses at BBQ grill. The vicious hoax that claims about taking the eyesight of a young man and holding contact lenses accountable for his vision loss has been debunked by the researchers and experts. What you need to be careful about when grilling is the way you do it-your attitude.
  1. Always do the grilling outside, so there is enough oxygen to burn the carbon di-oxide.
  2. Some people might be allergic to the smoke rising from the coals. Therefore, staying at an appropriate distance is the safest habit.
  3. When doing the spices, you get your hands spoiled. Therefore, be very cautious about washing your hands as immediately as possible once done marinating the meat. You might accidently rub your eyes that might end up developing an eye sore if your hands are dirty.
  4. Keep the grill clean by wiping off the oil deposit and product debris so that it does not splatter. It reduces the risk of accidental injuries with contact lenses.
  5. Keep the grill away from the wooden decks or over-hanging branches of trees. It is just to prevent accidental catch-ups of fire.

Even if the flames get fierce, they cannot melt your contact lenses or fuse them with your eyes. The potential damage caused by fire when wearing contact lenses can only happen when you are in the fire yourself. In this case too; before the smoke/fire burns your contact lenses it burns your skin. Therefore, don’t ear to the hoax circulating around. Wear contact lenses fearlessly. Just be alarmed; accidents can happen anytime, anywhere.  

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