Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How Long do Unopened & Sealed Colored Contact Lenses Last?

Like every other thing; circle contact lenses get expired too- It’s a no exception. Contact lenses that are annually disposable last you 8-10 months after being opened. On the other hand sealed contact lenses that have never been opened last you 3-4 years. How to determine about the expiry date? Very simple! Check the label on the packaging i.e. either vials or blisters.

Contact lens expiry dates are stamped by the manufacturers. The expiry date indicates about the efficacy of the product and the solution. Once the expiry has lapsed, it is assumed that the solution in which contact lenses are soaked has lost the sterility. This being said, contact lenses may get contaminated with bacteria hence choosing to wear expired contact lenses carries potential risks.

Contact lenses usually bears an expiry tag of 4 years from the date of manufacture. The shelf life remains intact for the said time if vials/blisters remain sealed. Expired contact lenses must not necessarily feel different or look different. They may not always irritate but why risk your eyes for just few dollars? Always keep a good track of contact lens expiry by marking the date on the lens cases and be careful to note down the expiry date, every time your replace your contact lens case in 3 months.

According to the expiry date on my lens package, they’ve expired. Can I still wear them?
No. Once your lenses are past their expiry date we cannot ensure the lenses or the solution are sterile. We do not recommend you wear contact lenses past their expiry date.

Can I use expired products?

The expiration date on a product represents the shelf life of the product from the date of manufacture. After this date we cannot ensure the safety and efficacy of the product and do not recommend using any product once the expiration date has lapsed.

Contact lenses are prosthetic medical devices. Make your decisions wisely.

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