Tuesday, 18 November 2014

3 Ways you are Wearing Contact Lenses Wrong: First Contact Lens Week, 2014 (Health Reminder 2)

Play your role in prevention against conjunctivitis, keratitis & neovascularisation through wise use of contact lenses. 

“Contact lenses offer many benefits, but they are not risk-free”; said Dr. Cope, a CDC medical epidemiologist at a conference. Contact lenses thus may be the prime reason of several outrageous ocular injuries & chronic vision threatening infections if not used appropriately. Practicing healthy habits & introducing vision-friendly measures with contact lenses can save you from the gross aftermath of using these medical devices the wrong way.

Prevention is better than Cure

  • How to protect yourself from Keratitis?

Keratitis is an infection of the cornea- front layer of iris. It can cause blurred & hazy vision leading to permanent vision loss and acute pain along with other deathly symptoms. If you wear contact lenses, you need to stay more vigilant as you are prone to developing ocular infections.

What You Need to Do?

Stay very cautious about your contact lenses. Never allow water to come into contact with your contact lenses. Water contains a virus “acanthamoeba Keratitis” and letting your contact lenses make a contact with water is like welcoming the corneal-devouring parasite to your most precious & only set of eyes. Always air-dry your contact lens cases.

  • How to protect yourself from Conjunctivitis?

Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva- the white layer of the eye. It is also known as pink- eye disease. It can cause teary eyes, inflammation, itching, irritation, and discharge along with other symptoms.

What You Need to Do?

As a contact lens wearer; you are at a risk of developing conjunctivitis. Therefore, make special preventive measures for the sake of your eyes. Do not share your contact lenses with anyone. Also avoid falling for substandard and cheap contact lenses.

  • How to Protect yourself from Neovascularisation

Neovascularisation occurs when your eyes become oxygen-starved. Since eyes draw its oxygen from the open environment than from the body, they grow blood vessels to fulfill the requirement when there is a blockade. The blood vessels may rupture when you discontinue wearing contact lenses, but in severe cases with excessive growth of blood-vessels you are left with horrendous permanent eye scarring & eye sore.

What You Need to Do?

To prevent your eyes from neovascularisation always take note of following:

Never over-wear contact lenses. This includes wearing contact lenses exceeding the daily limit of 6 hours and wearing contact lenses past their expiry.

  1. Do not sleep in your contact lenses
  2. Go here to find out if you are also over-wearing contact lenses.

“There is no question that many people love to use contact lenses instead of spectacles. Using contact lenses, however, does carry the risk of infection and, in extreme cases, blindness,” added by CDC team. Always wear FDA approved circle lenses & ensure a pragmatic approach to contact lens disinfection to lead a safe life.

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