Sunday, 30 November 2014

Ellen from the Witch's House Cosplay Wig

To cosplay Ellen you need to have long silky sleek purple hair for which you can employ Sarutobi Ayame cosplay wig. The wig fulfills the character's needs to the utmost level and help you achieve Ellen looks. The wig's bangs can be trimmed as they are not pre-styled. 

This purple wig is 100cm long, smooth and dead-straight. The straight fibers keep it easier to maintain the wig as it does not tangle with mere movement. Since the wig is very long you need to be careful about it being tangled. "This wig did not tangle very easily while casually wearing it today. You would just have to be careful if you would be doing a lot while wearing it, like going to a convention. "

The wig does not shed fibers and is 100% heat-resistant. The color is really very striking that appears darker from pastel purple at indoors. Please read, Ellen cosplay wig review for more details on this wig

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