Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sweet Lolita Split Colored Wig

This wig is unique and sumptuous. Carrying twin pig tails in split colors,this wig is a class that is exuberant. Lolita Wig AP is perfect for sweet Lolita, as the color combination of sweet pink and platinum blond is something uber cute and lovable. 

Lolita wig AP has blunt bangs and the wig is very bulky. The wig features loose waves that turn into ringlet curls at the bottom. The twin tails can be separated from the wig if you want to go for a lighter version. However; the twin tails allow you to style your hair in braids, buns etc. 

This wig is 100% heat-resistant and can endure heating from your straightening iron and curler. This wig also keeps memory of the bounce & style so you don't need to worry about styling it every time you take it out to compliment yourself. 


Please follow the tutorial for styling this Lolita wig AP   

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