Sunday, 30 November 2014

Go for Goth with Dolly Eye Blythye Violet Circle Lenses

These violet circle lenses are a famous model of the series. The entire Blytheye range is known for the vivid color and energetic vibes it sends. Dolly Eye Blytheye violet circle lenses are really comfortable and have great enlargement effect. They appear vivid on all eye colors and stay true violet in all types of lights. 

They are unnatural and unworldly color, so they would compliment themed parties etc.The design is simple and perfect to fit different uses, I think it's the perfect pair of lenses both for cosplay or j-fashions outfits (and also special themed makeup, for example Halloween ones). The color is a vibrant violet that covers really well my brown eyes, I saw some pics of people with light eyes and they look great on them too! 

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