Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Guam Conjunctivitis Outbreak Continues: Stop Sharing Colored Contact Lenses

According to a news release; Conjunctivitis outbreak continues in Guam, US with an unabated total of 248 registered cases in the vicinity. According to the reports; both the sexes; males and females are being affected though the males slightly outnumber the females. Surprisingly; elderly and infants are being targeted alike by the virus. Poor hygiene & a careless attitude towards using colored contact lenses & cosmetics might be the source behind the virus growth.

What is Conjunctivitis & What causes it?

Conjunctivitis is an eye disease which causes inflammation at the conjunctiva- the thin layer that covers the inside of the eyelid which rests over the white area of the eye. Due to inflammation the whites of the eye develop a pink tone; and hence the condition is known as “Pink Eye Disease”. The disease is though caused by viruses, allergens, environmental pollutants, fungi, chemicals etc.; unhygienic living conditions and a careless attitude towards the use of daily articles such as towel, tissue, soaps, eye glasses, bed-linens/blankets and cosmetics may worsen the situation.
  • Always wash hands with soap before touching your face and eyes.
  • Sterilize the towels & the contaminated linens
  • Do not share towels, pillows, eye frames & contact lenses with conjunctivitis’ infected person.
  • Do not swim in the pools when infected.
Precautions to observe if you are a Contact Lens Wearer

Prevention is better than cure. If you wear colored contact lenses on regular basis; you need to stay even more vigilant. Though you might already be cleaning & disinfecting your colored contact lenses;you need to stay more active now.
  • Clean, disinfect & wash your colored contact lenses by rubbing method twice a day.
  • Sterilize your colored contact lens cases. Replace them if it has been more than 3 months to them
  • Throw your colored contact lenses past their expiry
  • Do not use cheap or homemade saline solutions to clean your colored contact lenses
  • Do not share your eye drops & makeup brushes
  • DO NOT ever share your colored contact lenses with ANYONE on earth; not even for the sake of fun.
Sharing colored contact lenses only aggravates the symptoms & destroys all efforts of the government that are taken to fight against the viral disease. Do not re-wear those colored contact lenses that you wore when your eyes were infected. Toss them off with the related accessories including colored contact lens handling forceps, containers, plunger and eye drops. Remember; good personal hygiene is the only aid to help minimize the effects of conjunctivitis.

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