Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Can I Use Woolite to Wash My Synthetic Wigs?

Since woolite keeps your delicate clothes bright, soft & prevents from the washing related damage, you are thinking to treat your synthetic wig using the same, right? It is true that synthetic wigs are fiber, like those of your delicate clothing, but we are sure you would not like your wig to look-like sweaters & jerseys. Would you?

Woolite is actually a liquid laundry detergent that is used to wash everyday dirt from clothes whilst keeping the colors intact, fibers still soft & weave properly knitted. Synthetic wigs however need more meticulous care & gentle handling. Synthetic wigs should only be treated through prescribed ways using only those products that are specially formulated to wash them.

Woolite turns synthetic wigs fuzzy; therefore it should be avoided on wigs. In order to keep your synthetic wigs look new and conditioned, prepare this DIY synthetic wig conditioner using equal proportions of water & fabric softener. This conditioner keeps the wigs soft and prevents it from developing tangles.

To increase the life of your synthetic hair wigs, wash your wigs like a pro using only wig compliant products. 

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