Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Are you a Frequent Wearer of Contact Lenses? Take Care of Your Eyes

As contact lenses need proper care & handling, your eyes also deserve to be taken diligent care of. If you are a frequent wearer of contact lenses, you must take note of following points in order to keep your eyes prevented from ocular diseases & outbreaks.

  1. Always handle contact lenses after washing hands with an oil-free soap.
  2. At handling circle lenses, avoid using cold creams. As a rule of thumb, the first step in your daily “getting-ready” routine should be “putting in” of contact lenses. If you iron or curl your hair; do it before inserting circle lenses.
  3. Never sleep in your contact lenses. They block oxygen supply as a result contact lenses may get stuck in your eyes.
  4. Never share your contact lenses, no not even with your siblings.
  5. Do not wash face, take hot tub bath or shower whilst contact lenses are still in eyes.
  6. Circle lenses can be worn in kitchen, and in subzero temperatures. However, you should carry protective goggles when an extreme and sudden temperature switch is expected due to change in climate.
  7. Do not risk your vision by spending few bucks on purchasing cheap over the counter circle lenses. There are several copies of circle lenses imported from China available everywhere that impedes vision.
  8. Always carry contact lens travel-size kit with you, that is equipped with a mirror, lens case and a travel friendly bottle to carry the disinfecting solution.
  9. Always disinfect your circle lenses after each wear, take care of your lens cases by disinfecting them too once in a while.
  10. Replace your contact lenses on time & replace your lens cases after every 3 months.
  11. Do not instill eye drops or lubricating drops when you are wearing your lenses unless they are approved of using with contact lenses.
  12. Do not work at computers for longer duration when sporting contact lenses.
  13. Drink lots of water to keep your eyes hydrated
  14. Visit your eye care practitioner for follow-ups!

These simple tips do not only improve your life style for good but also help keeping your eyes safe from CLID. Remember, that medicines are to be used with caution? Same is the case with circle lenses as they are classified as medical devices. As long as you are getting your lenses from authentic dealers you are covered, yet you need to take good care of your eyes for happy, sparkling & beautiful self!

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