Monday, 17 November 2014

UNIQSO Observes First Annual Contact Lens Health Week with CDC (Health Reminder 1)

Center of Disease Control & Prevention marks first annual “Contact Lens Health Week” in close collaboration with partners from 17th Nov to 21st Nov. The purpose of campaign is to promote healthy living & reduce the risk of infections through improper use of contact lenses. Uniqso; being the legit circle lens supplier considers it a prime duty to promote the healthy life style among masses by eliminating the chances of CLID (Contact Lens Induced Diseases)

Campaign echoes; “You have only one pair of eyes, take care of them”. Over 30 million of people wear contact lenses regularly in United States & 125 million people around the globe. According to a research nearly 93% of contact lens wearers are more inclined towards taking short cuts which is an alarming fact. The dirty practices are increasing the burden of Keratitis- a corneal devouring infection that increases the risk of permanent vision loss.

"Keratitis associated with poor contact lens hygiene is preventable. Prevention efforts should include surveillance, improved estimates of the burden of disease, and vigorous health promotion activities focused on contact lens users and eye care professionals (ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians). Increased surveillance capacity is needed for microbial keratitis, in particular data from optometrist visits," bunch of doctors at CDC conclude.

If you are a contact lens wearer; ensure the implementation following practices in your routine religiously:

  1.  Keep your circle lenses safe to wear
  2. Take care of your eyes if you wear circle lenses in a routine

Contact Lens Case Care:

  1. How To Take Care of Contact Lens Cases?

2. Prevention is Better than Cure: Keeping Contact Lenses Away from Water

3. Disinfect your Circle Lenses Wisely: Make Sure when You are Disinfecting your Circle Lenses, You are Actually Disinfecting them

  1. Don't top off contact lens solution
  2. Topping off contact lens solution reduces the efficacy of disinfectant

Contact lenses are helping millions of people around the globe. Let us play our role by being careful about what goes into our eyes and how. As a sensible consumer of contact lenses and a loyal citizen of your country you must play an active role in reducing the risk of ocular injuries instigated by contact lenses. Even though Acanthamoeba Keratitis related injuries are rare; it is always better to stay cautious. Click the image below to find out if you need immediate help of your optometrist on this regard.

 Do you need eye care professional's help?

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