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A Pragmatic Approach to Contact Lens Disinfection Reduces Infection’s Risks

A Pragmatic Approach to Contact Lens Disinfection Reduces Infection’s Risks

Contact lenses ensure clear vision & personality enhancement both at a time. However; there are seasons that when get worse diminish contact lens tolerance which is not less than a threat to people suffering from vision problems. Spring & Fall every year create obstacles in crisp vision for people suffering from ocular injuries. It is said, precaution is better than cure- having your contact lenses meticulously disinfected reduces the risk & keep your eyes safe & prevented from the adverse effects.

How to Disinfect Contact Lenses to Combat Ocular-Allergy & Irritants?

Though one should never ignore disinfecting contact lenses, it should certainly be practiced aggressively after each wear when pro-pollen season is at peak.  Proper disinfection of contact lenses needs you to be a bit more vigilant and pragmatic especially when air-borne irritants hit the environment. Allergy inflicting irritants are found floating in the environment and they accumulate over everything coming into contact with them. Contact lenses whilst oxygen permeation let these irritants pass through them which then later stick to your corneas that wreak your eyes.

Steps to Disinfecting Contact Lenses to Reduce the Risks of Ocular Allergies

  1. Wash your hands from non oily & non-creamy soap bars before handling your contact lenses.
  2. Dry your hands with a lint-free cloth
  3. Disinfect your hands especially finger pads using multi-purpose solution.
  4. After each wear rub your contact lenses and wash them using multi-purpose disinfecting solution. Gently rub them over your finger pads-this helps removing the slimy layer that hold irritants in it.
  5. Disinfect your contact lens cases. Let them air dry, with their tops facing down and caps off. It is effective to tissue-wipe them before letting them air-dry.
Never soak your contact lenses in saline solution. It is not effective in killing bacteria. Use Complete Blink N Clean disinfectant to ensure contamination free contact lenses.

Ocular-allergies such as conjunctivitis may give you a hard time if not dealt with strictly. Effective disinfection on the other hand can keep you in your contact lenses. Make this 3 minutes deal with a multi-purpose solution & contact lenses to guard your eyes against allergens.

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