Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Make Eye Health a Priority (First Contact Lens Week: Health Reminder 3)

People who wear contact lenses should be very cautious about the health of their eyes. Eye health needs to take the status of “priority” in your life than being an “option”. Elderly & children both, alike need a comprehensive check-up once a year. Contact lens wearers should keep a track on how their eyes are performing against contact lenses, through regular follow-up sessions.

FDA approved contact lenses and circle lenses that have acquired CE certifications & other medical approvals pose no threats usually. However, negligence, ignorance & improper use of contact lenses may lead to serious eye infections and even corneal abrasions. This is why; ophthalmologists and contact lens experts emphasize on the importance of “Contact Lens Follow-ups”.

Human being makes mistakes inadvertently; and with contact lenses there are increased chances of developing the habit of indulging oneself into “shortcuts”. Falling asleep with contact lenses with an intention of taking just a 20 minutes nap, not disinfecting them on daily basis, topping off solution in the lens chambers & not replacing them past their expiry are common pitfalls for every one wearing contact lenses in a routine. These ignorant attitudes of consumers may trigger serious health hazards about which the patient often stays oblivious of. Contrary to this, regular follow-ups of contact lenses let you detect an infection at the early stages; ensuring the most competitive treatment.

It has been observed that it is the improper usage of contact lenses that contribute to the 1 million eye infections alone in the US every year. To be on a safer side preventive & routine eye care should be your top priority than resorting to your eye care professional only when something goes wrong. From a medical stand point, eye checkups do more than just correcting vision problems. Contact lenses are classified as medicaldevices and should be dealt accordingly for safer eyes. 

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