Tuesday, 25 November 2014

3 Chic Ways to Wear your Synthetic Bohemian Wigs

Bohemian tresses are one of the hottest 2014 hair trends. They are even popular for wedding events and festivals. Bohemian locks that swoops down your shoulders with complimenting bangs either blunt or angular-cut; take your hair style to a new level ahead. Incorporate new hair trends through “Bohemiansynthetic wigs” and look alluring at that night out for Yule.

Long & Tousled Bohemian Tresses

Bohemian tousles that fall past your shoulders make you look like a tempting mistress. Accentuate your gypsy-look by enhancing your textured waves with a shining or floral headband across your forehead. Tease wig layers a bit and stay flattering all the way.

Bohemian Braids

Let’s fancy braids. Slightly messy braids at forehead, at crown or those that gently swish at a side, look heavenly & breathtaking. Complement your bohemian-wig’s plait either by a floral accessory or by wearing a pompadour- Braids will never disappoint you especially if they have been knitted in your synthetic messy tousles. Braids look breezy when are done with a bun or half up-do. Braids in bohemian tresses always ensure a royal touch.

Bohemian Water Fall Hair Styles

It will be safe enough to assume that bohemian locks are promising to deliver the best water-fall hair styles. These textured cascading tresses have lovely wisps that are perfect enough to cast beach-dried blow-waves. Inspire others with the beauty of this seemingly beautiful & unique hobo wig as such curls can be effortlessly tied into a water-fall hair style.

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Which way do you like to tease your bohemian waves?


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