Wednesday, 26 November 2014

3 Contact Lenses’ Mistakes you Don’t Know you are doing

Circle lenses need careful handling to stay prevented from eye sores & infections. One wrong move may lead to gross out comes. Even though we claim to be pro circle lens users; we often neglect minor things and commit unhygienic mistakes without even knowing and having any realization on this part. If you are also making following mistakes; improve your hygiene standards and stay cautions whilst handling circle lenses.

Failing to Disinfect Circle Lenses after Each Wear

Circle lenses are subjected to go through disinfection after each wear. Immersing them in the disinfecting solution does not do the job accurately. You have to rub your contact lenses at your cleaned & disinfected finger pads to effectively remove protein & lipid debris from over the surface of circle lenses.

Attempting “Topping Off” Contact Lens Solution

With every wear the contact lens solution should be wasted and the chambers should be filled with the new and fresh supply of disinfecting solution. Solution that has once been left open in the chambers of the contact lens case loses its efficacy as the disinfectant evaporates soon after it is left open in the environment.

Letting Circle Lenses Stay Soaked in a Week Old Solution

Yes there must be free pair of circle lenses in your drawer that you do not wear on regular basis. Keeping them soaked in the days old stagnant solution is never free from risks. Furthermore; contact lens solution sometimes evaporates over-night due to involvement of various climatic factors. Therefore; you should keep checking on your contact lens solution to keep them from drying.

Most of the time users of circle lenses inadvertently commit circle lens sins that should be avoided at all cost. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 


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