Monday, 3 November 2014

Natural Looking Brown Lenses: Lens Story Lucius Brown

Natural Looking Brown Lenses

Lens Story Lucius brown circle lenses have a design similar to I. Fairy Lucius brown lenses. They are extremely comfortable and natural looking circle lenses. Lens Story Lucius brown lenses blend adorably against brown colored eyes and happen to only enlarge the size of your iris than adding any striking effect to your eyes.

Both lenses in
one in and one lens out

Lens Story Lucius brown circle lenses are perfect for casual wears and daily routines. You can even sport them at office and high school especially if your purpose is to only correct the refractive index error. The enlargement produced by them is extremely huge but since the limbal ring is very thin, they look very natural and moderate. 

Lens Story Lucius brown

Wear these brown circle lenses when you want to enhance your warm colored eyes a bit more by making them shiny, glossy & creating an illusion of bigger eyes. Read Lens Story Lucius brown review

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