Saturday, 15 November 2014

Are Circle Lenses Really the Reason Behind Surging Ocular Infections?

Relation b/w circle lenses & eye infections

In United States alone, nearly 1 million eye infections are reported every year with most of them being directly or closely linked with the improper usage of circle contact lenses. This Thursday, Center for Disease Control & Prevention unveiled new statistics that hold the immature approach of customers towards circle lenses responsible for potential infections.

FDA approved circle lenses ensure risk-free usage thus restricts CLID (circle lenses induced diseases). However; improper usage, criminal negligence & failing to handle them properly may lead to superficial damages. In some cases, patient may even lose the eye sight for ever depending upon the severity of the infection.

Stick to Prescription & Ensure Follow-ups

  • It is necessary to understand that circle lenses are medical devices and they should be handled likewise. You need to stick to the prescription with regular follow ups. Even if you do not wear circle lenses for correcting refractive index error; you must make it sure to meet your eye doctor at least once a year to overrule any chances of ocular injuries. Sometimes, frequent wear or over-wearing circle lenses exert pressure and eye strain about which the patient stays oblivious of.

  • Internet is flooded with horrendous contact lens stories but let them not scare you. If you are adult enough to take responsibility of other affairs in your life than you are probably mature enough to be a wise consumer of circle lenses. It is easier to take short cuts when you wear circle lenses; but once you involve yourself in healthy contact lens habits you will discover that not only they are saving your time & energy but are also laying strong foundations for a an older yet healthier you.

Circle lenses should not be usually a problem. If you detect any discomfort even upon wearing FDA approved circle lenses then it should be enough to ring the bells for you. Immediately put them off and examine them for any manufacturing flaws. If they appear fine & discomfort persists, you should hurry to set an appointment with your doctor to overrule the chances of any ocular injury that is beginning to unveil itself by showing such minor symptoms of inflammation, scarring, itching & teary eyes. 

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