Monday, 10 November 2014

Dry Eyes, Contact Lenses & Winter

Contact lenses & dry eyes syndrome
Effective contact lens management is key to comfortable wearing sessions

With the onset of winters, contact lens tolerance has been badly affected in many regions of the world. Winters instigate dryness & contact lenses tend to aggravate it. Nonetheless, contact lens tolerance can be improved by the effective management of the "changing climate".

How to Tackle Dryness to Continue Wearing Contact Lenses in winter?

Dryness is a syndrome where eyes fail to meet adequate tear production. Due to the cold weather the tears are evaporated too quickly to keep eyes moisten. Upon wearing contact lenses the condition is aggravated even more since they are the barrier towards oxygen absorption. Contact lenses themselves are considered to be a dryness inducing agent. Every year a wide number of people are affected negatively by CLID (contact lens induced dryness) alone. Wearing contact lenses when the climate is harsh enough causes irritation & inflammation which needs effective management if you want to continue wearing your contact lenses.

 In winter; when it is snow outside you would not definitely want to go back to your conventional set of glasses just to end up with them being foggy. Prescription contact lenses have been the choice of millions to ensure clear, crisp & impeccable vision. It is an established fact; that with slight variations in lifestyle, one can improve contact lens tolerance for better. If you have ever felt discomfort due to wearing contact lenses because of reduced tear production then try following:
  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Eat fresh fruits & vegetables
  3. Avoid prolong working at computer
  4. Do not over-wear contact lenses ( not more than 6 hours daily)
  5. Use lubricating drops
  6. Wear contact lenses with low water content (below 40%)

Re-wetting drops may make huge world of a difference. They add immediate comfort and help you with blinking. However, total dependency on lubricating drops may ruin your life. They should only be resorted to when nothing else seem to relieve the symptoms. Focus on making lifestyle changes on a long term course to see the difference or get your own pair of contact lenses for dry eyes for an immediate rescue. 

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