Monday, 3 November 2014

I. Fairy Dolly+ Brown Circle Lenses for Astigmatism

Do you need brown circle lenses that look fancy enough against both light and dark colored eyes? If yes, then grab a pair of I. Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses. They are neither too vibrant nor too dull. The effect they produce against light colored eyes is something that is very subtle and soft. They do look somewhat golden and make your eyes look whimsical. They make your eyes huge and equip them with dolly-eye effect.



I. Fairy Dolly+ brown circle lenses are surprisingly comfortable. A customer opines that she can wear these lenses even with astigmatism without having any problems. "Let me make you understand how comfortable these lenses are. I have astigmatism. These aren't torics. They didn't even hurt a little bit." 

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  1. Ah,for those that are curious about it,my astigmatism is 1.75 on left and 1.50 on right eye!