Sunday, 30 November 2014

Get Sizzling Party Eyes for Christmas with Geo Nudy Violet Circle Lenses

These violet circle lenses are classified by far the best type of violet circle lenses, as opined by one of our customer. Geo Violet Nudy blue blends beautifully with light colored eyes and even though the color is not natural; they strive to keep your eyes naturally dolly. 

Geo Nudy violet circle lenses are very translucent, they do enlarge your eyes but keep the over-all effect way too subtle. These violet lenses are perfect when you are partying out or are enjoying vacations at Christmas. 

"As I mention before  those are  my ultimate favorite lenses  series . Those violet lenses are so adorable , perfect for day time , night  time , any time , for events , party . Making you stand out in any photoshoot  you taking ,good for cosplay and holidays such as halloween and christmas ."

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