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Can I take a 20 minutes Nap in Contact Lenses?

Can I take a 20 minutes Nap in Contact Lenses?

Since soft contact lenses block “enough” oxygen’s permeability; it is not recommended to sleep and take nap with them in. Eyes are the only organ that draw its oxygen directly from the open environment, but wearing contact lenses restrict this natural phenomenon. Taking a short nap is though not as harmful as sleeping with cosmetic lenses in; it is not considered a good habit.

Why Taking a Nap in Contact Lenses is a Bad Idea?

Taking a 20 minutes nap in soft contact lenses should not be a problem usually; but stay careful that you are not going to fall asleep inadvertently.
Dozing off when you are wearing colored lenses makes eyes dry and uncomfortable. When they are deprived of oxygen; they turn hard and begin stinging the eyes leading to “pink eye”, “irritation”, “inflammation” & even potential damages such as corneal abrasions & ulcers. Sometimes you may be warned by your eye doctor to wear lenses ever again in your life. So; why risk when you have already been warned?

Serious Threats of Sleeping in Circle Lenses

Sleeping in contacts blocks the supply of oxygen to eyes and they may become dehydrated. Dehydrated contact lenses can cause scratches on the cornea and make you restless for at least a day. Removing dehydrated contact lenses from eyes is yet another problem which demand you to tackle it peacefully & carefully.

If you forget taking your lenses off of your eyes before going to bed; you are honestly risking your eyes. However; when you realize after waking up that you have had a nap with contact lenses do one thing- DONOT panic. The damage has already been done- though only the superficial in most cases.
Get your lubricating drops; re-wet your contact lenses by instilling a drop in each eye & blink your eyes. You are now free to remove your circle lenses safely.

Disinfect them & let your eyes rest for at least a day before you wear contacts again.

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