Monday, 3 November 2014

Vibrant Pink Circle Lenses: I.Fairy Lumos Pink Lenses

I.Fairy Lumos 
Wear I.Fairy Lumos pink circle lenses when you need to have bright, intense and strongly pigmented pink colored eyes. These circle lenses are so vivid that they tend to make an impact even against dark brown eyes. I.Fairy Lumos Pink ensure huge anime-like enlargement effect with 16.2 mm diameter. The solid outer black and bold ring also work to add that huge pop to your eyes. 

I.Fairy Lumos pink review says that these circle lenses show up nicely and look stunning when worn against dark colored eyes. They are very comfortable and attention-grabbing. "FULL ANIMU!!! I love these, they are so soft, and comfortable, and pretty. Definitely my new Super Sonico Lenses and Madoka!"

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