Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Frozen-Princess Anna Cosplay Circle Lenses & Wig

Princess Anna from Frozen Cosplay Contact Lenses & Wigs

Princess Anna is the Disney’s interpretation of courage, optimism, kindness & affection. Her deep blue gorgeous eyes equipped with animated brilliance & sparkle capture everyone’s heart. Princess Anna cosplay circlelenses allow you to wear her glamorous piercing gaze with a style.

Dolly Eye Blytheye blue circle lenses are the same vivid contact lenses that Anna’s eyes from Frozen are. They are brilliant blue, capable of adding mysterious yet very regal brightness in your own eyes. These blue circle lenses ensure a dramatic yet fanciful pop with a dazzling big eye effect. If you are looking for Anna’s cosplay circle lenses; look no further, and try Dolly Eye Blytheye blue circle lenses.

Princess Anna’s eyes create a whimsical effect against her rosy skin & strawberry blonde hair; that carries her signature white streaks. Twisted braid across her forehead accompanied by wispy bangs together complete the princess touch efficiently. Anna’s cosplay wig from Frozen boasts the same ‘neatly-done’ plait along with hair gracefully tied in a neat up do. The fabulous white streaks in the bangs ensure that the wig remains the exact replica of the character.

If you are impressed with this soft-heart yet sometimes hilariously awkward Disney character, worry no more. All you need to do is two things- Be a good person & get yourself Princess Anna’s cosplay circle lenses & wigs to follow her footsteps!

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