Sunday, 30 November 2014

Hair that Bounce: Rozen Maiden Rose Quartz Wig

Rozen Maiden Rose Quartz wig is a character specified wig that plays very well even in casual life. Wear this wig either for fancy purposes or simply go love yourself by carrying such lovely hair that bounce lavishly as you hop. Rozen Maiden Cosplay wig is cute purple toned wig in pastel shade that is subtle yet very adorable. 

The wig features tight ringlet curls with straight bangs that are available to be swept at side. The bangs can be trimmed to suit your facial structure. The wig is 90 cm long and carry low lights+ highlights of the same purple shade. The bangs can be tucked behind ear; but they can play an important role in accentuating the important features of your face. Keep the bangs touch your chin to create slightly oblong-ish illusion of jawline if you have square. 

Rozen Maiden Cosplay wig has beautiful layers that give your hair dimensions and bounce. This 100% heat resistant synthetic wig is sure to please you. Read review of Rozen Maiden Rose Quartz wig to have more insight.

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