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Are you Over-Wearing Your Circle Contact Lenses?

Over-Wearing Your Circle Contact Lenses

Generally it is safe to wear circle contact lenses regularly since it poses no risk provided you are following the rules of wearing circle contact lenses. However; over-wearing circle contact lenses may be dangerous so you should spot it on time when this happens.

Hygiene should be one’s priority. If you think you are lazy enough to replace them [usually a year] or remove them after the recommended period is over [usually 6-8 hours]; you should probably avoid wearing circle contact lenses. Over-wearing circle contact lenses can easily be recognized by closely observing the symptoms your eyes show as an effort to record their protest against painful contacts.

Are circle contact lenses the reason behind my eye sore?
Not always. But if you have been lately wearing circle lenses for more than the period recommended by your doctor than it is probably the case with you. Look for the following symptoms to recognize if you are also over wearing circle contact lenses.

  • Red painful itchy eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • An urge of keeping eyes closed
  • Eye strain
  • Increased blood vessels
  • Blurry or misty vision
  • Tearing

Over-wearing circle contact lenses block oxygen’s permeability for longer duration which often causes pressure and strain on blood vessels. Eyes receive direct oxygen from the atmosphere; however when eyes are covered by contact lenses they receive oxygen through capillaries present in ocular region. This allows little oxygen to pass through. Hence over wearing circle contact lenses may lead to superficial damages. If upon noticing these symptoms circle contact lenses are immediately removed; the superficial damage can be healed quickly. On the other hand the condition becomes gross.

What to do now?

Simply do not panic. Give your eyes a rest by removing circle contact lenses and let your eyes heal. Moisten them using eye drops and wait for the redness to go. If this does not relieve; it is better to visit an eye doctor. Depending upon your condition he may prescribe you a topical antibiotic therapy which helps alleviating problems. As soon as the condition subsides; you can resume wearing your circle contact lenses again.

Note: Do not re-wear the pair of contacts that were in your eyes at the time of infection. Chances are that the bacteria that are accumulated on the surface of those contact lenses may re-infect you upon wearing.

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