Sunday, 2 November 2014

Post Halloween Eye Care Emphasizes on Meticulous Handling of Contact Lenses

Halloween is over, but post Halloween effects may haunt you for the rest of your life

Unless you add gross & special effects to your costume using decorative contact lenses; the desired wackiest results are not achieved. Crazy contact lenses should not be generally a threat to your sight. However, contact lenses and all the variants whether prescription or novelty are “prosthetic devices” that need meticulous handling. 

At Halloween; you are over exposed to environmental & Halloween related threats such as by spears, knives, flames & other spooky tools that may accidentally poke & pierce you. The tripping further invokes bruises & minor ruptures of veins. These health-risks become more serious of a problem when especially you had been sporting crazy contact lenses all the daylong at Halloween. It is an established fact that contact lenses induce eye strain & over-wearing them make you feel dizzy by exerting pressure on your ocular muscles. If this sounds familiar then strictly follow the measures mentioned below to halt the spooky after-effects of Halloween.

  1. Do not wear contact lenses for three days after Halloween to help your ocular muscles relax. An appropriate break from wearing contact lenses also ensures sufficient time-frame required for the healing of injuries, if any.
  2. Always disinfect Halloween contact lenses before storing them back for the approaching conventions. Keep your lenses moist & fully immersed in the solution always.
  3. Use eye drops to help your tissues relax and softens.
  4. Stay away from working at computers. Working at computer alone, exerts pressure on eyes instigating eye pain, trickling & eye-rash. 

Halloween is an event; full of thrill mingled with spooky excitement. Contact lenses are not dangerous. You can even wear them on daily basis. However; do not exceed the daily limit of 8 hours. Guard your eyes to prevent them from post-Halloween ocular complications that arise due to over-wearing and mishandling of crazy contact lenses. 

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