Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Can I Swim or Shower Wearing My Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic wigs are preferred worldwide because they are inexpensive, easier to maintain & style and are light weight. Synthetic wigs offer several benefits over human hair wigs but they do have limitations. Synthetic wigs can be taken under water for photo-shoots but swimming &shower with synthetic wigs should be avoided.

Swimming with Synthetic Wigs

If your cosplay requires you to go under water with your synthetic wig on; make sure that it does not budge or slip. Synthetic wigs do feel lighter than natural hair wigs, but they may behave totally opposite under water so be ready for a slightly heavier experience when under water with your synthetic wig on head. For photo-sessions it is better you choose a natural water resource than a pool. Pool water contains chlorine, chemicals and salts that can harm the fibers. The damage by pool water is often irrevocable for instance it can affect the color, or may make it dull by turning it fizzy or dry. Swimming exerts pressure & also develops impudent tangles that are often too stubborn to get rid of.

Taking a shower with Synthetic Wigs

Taking a shower with synthetic wig on is the worst you will ever do to harm your wig. Synthetic wigs need gentle handling. They are to be washed with specially formulated synthetic hair wig shampoos with soft, swishing & twirling hand motions. Aggressive rubbing that is expected in an ordinary shower may ruin the fibers of your synthetic wigs and thus should be 100% avoided. Furthermore, the soapy deposits can destroy the real feel of a wig therefore putting your synthetic hair wig off should always be ensured before taking bath.

Synthetic wigs can be worn right out of the box yet need little maintenance, this however does not mean that they need ‘no’ care at all. They should be handled gently & kept away from unnecessary exposure of water as washing your wigs uselessly reduces the age of your synthetic wigs.


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