Thursday, 20 November 2014

3 Ways you are criminally contaminating your Circle Lenses ( First Contact Lens Week, Health Reminder 4)

We all know circle lenses with all the other variants are medical devices and enough has been said about how they should be handled. Long story short; even with all the directions about handling your circle lenses, consumers are directly involved in the spread out of contagious ocular infections. The reason behind is the lazy & clumsy attitude that allow contamination of circle lenses.

There are 3 ways that must be avoided to prevent your circle lenses from bacteria contamination.

  • Your Own Hands

Hands especially finger pads are full of bacteria. Before touching your circle lenses, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with an oil-free soap. Before putting in and taking off contact lenses, make sure your hands are perfectly cleaned and dry. Do not rub your eyes no matter how hard is the urge.

  • Cosmetics

The second most common way you contaminate your contact lenses are cosmetics. Therefore it is suggested to always insert circle lenses before beginning your routine makeup. Use hypo allergenic cosmetics and avoid chalky eye shadows.

  • Water

Water should never be brought into contact with circle lenses. It contains microorganisms that contaminate circle lenses and begin to grow on them. Such microorganisms can be very deadly; and may be responsible for devouring cornea. Do not store your lenses at places that are humid. Do not store them in saliva or lubricate them using water. Only use effective disinfectant to minimize the chances of ocular injuries.

Do not jeopardize your vision. Take care of your eyes; you have only one pair. Follow the wear & care guide of contact lenses & only wear FDA approved circle lenses.

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