Saturday, 8 November 2014

Top 3 Ways to Keep your Circle Lenses Safe for your Eyes

Keep your circle lenses safe for your eyes

FDA approved circle lenses have no side effects; they are tested before being pushed into the markets for mass consumption. Having said this, wearing circle lenses is safe. Above all circle lenses are beneficial if you are aiming to correct your refractive index error. This however does not outlaw the status of circle lenses from prosthetic device to fashion accessory. To keep them serving your vision safely, you must stay meticulous about the diligent disinfection of your circle lenses. Each pair you own must be disinfected regularly whether or not you wear them on daily basis.

Disinfect, Disinfect & Disinfect

Most of the wearers of circle lenses tend to ignore how important is disinfection. Circle lenses accumulate protein, dirt, lint and other debris from environment to their surface that might cause superficial damages. It is important to disinfect circle lenses after each wear. Also occasionally, once in a week circle lenses must be disinfected thoroughly by gentle rubbing & scrubbing through finger pads.

Along with the disinfection of circle lenses, the cases also call for regular disinfection. The bio-film that forms on lens cases is hazardous for eyes and needs to be decontaminated.

Stick to Replacement Schedule

Circle lenses come with an expiry date. Using them past their expiry put your eyes at risk. Do remember; even FDA approved circle lenses do not guarantee risk-free wear once they have been expired. Therefore; stick to your replacement schedule & keep a sharp track on the expiry date.

Circle lens cases also expire even though they don’t come with a written expiry date. Cases that accommodate circle lenses should be replaced every three months. Should you forget replacing cases, sterilize them to minimize the chances of infections.

Avoid “Topping Off Solution”

Refrain from topping off contact lens solution. Disinfecting solution loses its efficacy when it is partially evaporated. Once the case is left opened the preservative that works to kill bacteria evaporates making the solution already in your case worthless. Therefore avoid topping off contact lens solution to keep your circle lenses perfectly fit for your eyes. Always soak your lenses in fresh supply of disinfectant. This reduces the outbreak of contagious ocular diseases.   

Often time it is the careless behavior of consumers that is responsible for gross after effects of wearing circle lenses. You can wear circle lenses every day without fears of threatening your vision. Simply stick to these vision friendly tips & enjoy a beautiful personality.

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