Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Should I Continue Wearing Contact Lenses in Cold or Flu?

Certain medications such as anti-allergenic and birth-control pills lay adverse effect on contact lens tolerance. Although; influenza virus is nothing to panic about, continuing to wear your contact lenses whilst you cough, sniff or suffer from a runny nose brings discomfort & prolonged flu duration.

When you catch cold; it is time to give your eyes a break from contact lenses. It has often been observed that during cold you are prone to rub your eyes because of itchy sensation. Furthermore, wiping off runny nose and then inadvertently rubbing your eyes with same soiled hands facilitate bacteria accumulation over contact lenses which can be a source of bacteria transmission and deposition over your corneas.

Contact lenses should be avoided during influenza’s seasonal attacks for two reasons. Former reason deals with unhygienic practices where as the later one deals with “Poor-production” of tear-film. The tear film or tear-chemistry is disturbed when you are sick that therefore encourages the quick evaporation of tear-film. This turns eyes drier and induces stinging sensation along with corneal scratches or abrasions.

You do not need to avoid contact lenses throughout the flu period; you only need to observe caution. Wear your circle lenses only when it is too crucial to avoid them. If circle lenses are not functional in your life and just cater to serving your fashion needs; you should completely halt wearing these contacts. Do not help yourself spread the virus. Practice hygiene when handling contact lenses & observe a break for first 3 days!

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