Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Do you Find Wearing Circle Lenses an Uncomfortable Experience? Lipid Degeneration might be a Reason: Treat it Using a Mere Spray

Wearing circle lenses should not be usually a problem, provided you have always been meticulous about the diligent care, handling & maintenance of circle lenses. As long as what you putting in your eyes are FDA approved eye drops and contact lenses, your eyes should remain safe. If still, along with all the precautionary measures you find circle lenses uncomfortable to carry along, then as per the Australian researchers it is biological reason- “Lipid degeneration”; involved in triggering discomfort associated with contact lenses.

Circle lenses induce changes in the natural tear-film that trigger ocular discomfort & stinging. According to Editor-in-Chief of the research journal “Optometry & Vision Science” eyes’ tear film is actually a three-layered sandwich film in the liquid form that features wax-like molecules known as lipids at the outer-most layer. This layer acts as a barrier between the foreign substances & eyes. Upon wearing circle lenses; there is a very faster and quicker degeneration of lipids in some people that triggers discomfort & burning. The outer most lipid layer is actually responsible for maintaining tear film and protects tear evaporation-when on the other hand this layer is broken down by wearing circle lenses; eyes turn dry & create discomfort with circle lenses.

Doctors also looked at various alternatives on how to reducing the ocular discomfort induced by circle lenses and suggested that using a liposomal eyelid spray, such symptoms of dry eyes can be diminished. The spray moistens the eyes and increases tolerance of circle lenses by 6 hours.

If you suffer from dry eyes syndrome, wearing circle lenses specially manufactured for dry eyes should help. Furthermore, improve your diet to keep your eyes moist and fix an appointment with your eye care professional for narrowly-focused medical advice. 

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