Monday, 10 November 2014

Wear Circle Lenses for Age-Defying Looks

Circle lenses are known for enhancing the way your eyes look. They add charisma to your personality as they manipulate the color of your eyes. Circle lenses are being widely used by the masses- by internet gurus, celebrities and by the Korean iconic beauties. The reason behind this viral trend is the ability of circle lenses to make you look younger than your actual age; but how do they do it?

The Bigger Diameter is the Key to Younger Looks

Younger looking dolly eyes
Circle lenses are slightly different than conventional contact lenses in two ways. Contact lenses stay the actual size of your diameter and can’t help to make it look bigger. Circle lenses however enjoy a higher position over contact lenses as they add up to your iris and create a whimsical enlargement effect. Circle lenses are available from 14mm to 20mm diameters with later known as Super or Kawayii big eye circle lenses.

The Limbal Ring

The outer black edge of circle lenses is famous for ensuring illusion of youthful looks

The limbal ring is the next big thing when it is about creating age defying looks. Human body keeps changing & shows the signs of aging over the course of time. The limbal ring is the darker ring that separates your iris from your sclera. It is most defined in the infants and as you grow old it begins to fade. Wearing circle lenses with the outer limbal ring omits out good 2/3 years off of your age to make you look younger.

An article on Psychology Today, which cites the above study, notes, "The limbal ring serves as an honest signal of youth and health...a dark limbal ring may make us appear younger. It makes the whites of the eyes whiter."

Circle lenses boasting solid and darker outer rings strive to enlarge your eyes. They keep your limbal ring intact and add pure innocence to your eyes as of the babies.

Baby fat under the eyes with circle lenses 

Circle lenses ensure the illusion of wider, awakened, bold and sparkling eyes by adding the natural texture to the iris whereas the varying translucency further pave ways to add the depth to your eyes for age-repellent looks. Along with circle lenses creating “baby-fat” under your eyes (aegyo-sal) may help providing you an astounding youthful & glorious look. 

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