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How Over-Wearing Circle Contact Lenses can Damage your Eyes: Fashion Designer from London Caution her Fans

Over-wearing circle contact lenses is never free of risk. It is strictly advised to the consumers to avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day. Consumers jeopardize their vision and eyes by neglecting their eye care professionals’ advice and put everything into risk by ignoring the yearly check-ups. Something similar was realized by London based Fashion designer Aimee during her routine check-up of circle contact lenses.

How Over-Wearing Circle Contact Lenses can Damage your Eyes

Aimee McWilliams, 33 has been wearing circle contact lenses from the age of 14 but she never felt any discomfort by contact lenses. During her routine check-up; she was given a shock by her eye care professional that she is on the verge of total blindness. Due to over-wearing circle contact lenses (for more than 14 hours a day) her eyes were dangerously oxygen-starved and thus she may lose eye sight permanently anytime soon.

'I was horrified,' recalls Aimee, from London. 'I'd always worn my lenses from 7 am until nearly midnight. Nobody had told me that I was jeopardizing my sight by wearing them for so long, though I suppose I just said I used them daily.

'What frightened me even more was that there had been no signs anything was wrong - my eyes looked the same. And I'd delayed my annual check-up by several weeks because I was so busy and I didn't think I really needed one.'

How Over-Wearing Circle Contact Lenses can Damage your Eyes


Over-wearing circle contact lenses may lead to a disease known as “neovascularization” in which the eyes compensate the deficient oxygen supply through growing new blood vessels over the cornea. Cornea is the only part of the human body that fulfills its oxygen requirement from the air than from the blood vessels. Since circle contact lenses act as a barrier in oxygen permeability; threats of permanent blindness increase as time goes by.

Stopping contact lens wear may cause those blood-vessels to erupt; taking situation under control. However in severe cases where there is excessive growth of blood-vessels the scarring becomes permanent resulting in freaking eye sore.

You must conduct a self-exam on weekly basis if you are a regular wearer of circle contact lenses. Stay vigilant for these symptoms to find out if you have also been over-wearing your circle contact lenses. Being a regular wearer of circle contact lenses you need to be very meticulous about wearing circle lenses, failing to follow which may cost you the vision loss.

Circle contact lens wearers are always at greater risk of eye injuries such as conjunctivitis that spreads through sharing circle contact lenses and non-hygienic attitude towards circle contact lenses. It is safe to wear circle contact lenses daily provided you are not exceeding the time limit suggested to you by your doctor.

Are you at risk due to wearing circle contact lenses? Follow “Circle Lenses’ Health Risks” to save yourself from peripheral and acute damages or buy safe to wear & KFDA & USFDA circle lenses.


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