Monday, 17 November 2014

Buying Circle Lenses Online VS Buying from an Optometrist

Circle lenses and contact lenses enable you to see clearly because they correct the refractive index error as perfectly as your conventional set of glasses do. Furthermore, circle lenses when bigger in diameter tend to create an illusion of wider eyes for an appealing personality. Since circle lenses are a vogue they can be purchased from anywhere easily but if you are concerned about the safety of your eyes then you should contemplate through judging the various alternatives. 

Circle Lenses & Role of Optometrist

Circle lenses are medical devices, everyone keeps repeating the fact. Yes they are; but it does not restrict you to buy them from your optometrist only. To be on a safe side; you should meet your doctor once a year to ensure that your vision is not threatened. Getting a fresh prescription is also mandatory so you don’t go blurry or hazy when wearing circle lenses.

You can purchase your contact lenses from your optometrist, but they might be expensive for your pocket. Optometrist has bills & several other expenses to bear that a hefty price tag of optometrist- purchased circle lenses fully cover.   Contrary to this, buying your circle lenses from an online source saves you a great deal of money. However, it is of course your duty to thoroughly judge the various online retailers. There are online sellers involved in heinous crime of selling fake lenses, therefore be warned and vigilant.  

Buying Circle Lenses Online

You are safe to buy your circle lenses online if your chosen online retailer is making sure the implementation of:

  1. Flexible return & exchange policy
  2. Availability of branded and FDA approved contact lenses
  3. Unbiased product reviews
  4. Ensuring awareness about both pros and cons of the contact lenses
  5.  Secure payment & shipping

Do remember that everything has side effects. Circle lenses are never free from risks especially if you are lazy enough to stay meticulous about the handling & maintenance. Eye care professionals opine that children aged 9 and above can safely wear contact lenses but we would go a step ahead and will only recommend wearing circle lenses only if you are mature enough to watch your own steps- it has nothing to do with your calendar age but with the maturity of your mental status!

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