Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Blind Fortune Teller Makeup Tutorial : Black Sclera Lenses & White Hag Wig

Being able to see, without eyes is eerie & frightful.Once in a blue moon it is thrilling; getting all dressed up as an intimidating character, making others tremble with fear as they stumble across. What it takes to be a "Blind-Seer"? Nothing much, just cosmetics, black sclera lenses along with a white hag wig & makeup skills. Follow the tutorial below: 

Planning your Makeup: Using Paper Face Chart

Blind Seer Face Chart

If you are not a professional makeup artist; you might have rarely heard about paper face charts. Paper face-charts are used by professionals that let them plan any specific makeup look before they could try it on a real-life model. Designing your ‘special effect makeup transformation’ at a face-chart saves time by making you less frequent at washing your face over & over again when going through trial & error phase.

Step By Step Makeup Tutorial: Blind-Fortune Teller

Courtesy: Makeup Artist Sumibunny
  • Design a face chart or copy the one I made.
  • Tear to shreds a tissue.
  • You will also need some cotton.
  • Twist some of the shreds.
  • With a cotton swab, apply baby oil where you are going to apply the latex, this will help when removing the  makeup.
  • Take another cotton swab and apply carefully around the eyes .
  •  Paste the paper we twisted applying pressure with your fingers and more latex on top.
  • Once you got the base shape, start sticking cotton the same way you did with the paper. Remember being  very careful, I insist, latex contains ammonia and it's dangerous.
  • Wait until it's dry, check with your fingers.
  • Cover your eyelids with black pencil.
  • Now apply makeup to the latex, use a cream makeup with high coverage darker than your skin tone, latex  tends to make the colors lighter over time.
  • Play with different tones until it matches your skin.
  • With a brown pencil draw a fake eyelid and play with the volumes a little bit. Blend the pencil and also contour your nose a little bit with it.
  • Apply red to the outer side of the fake eyes, you can use a lipstick or red cream makeup.
  • Fix with loose powders and take off the excess.
  • Apply black eye shadow and black eyeliner to the black of the eyes, we nee them as dark as possible.
  • Shape your eyebrows with brown eye shadow and highlighter.
  • Paint a few veins around the eyes.
  • To paint the forehead's eye, first draw the shape with a brown pencil and use a small bevelled brush to blend.
  • Fix everything and paint the eye using water makeup. It's very important to be patient because it might take a while, it's similar to painting a small illustration in your forehad with acrylics.
  • Outline the lips with a brown pencil, use a red lipstick and then blend the brown to create a volume effect on the lips.
  • Draw a small mole with eyeliner.
  • Add some fake blood.
  • Contour the face with darker powder and apply some pink-ish blush.
  • Get your costume ready and...that's it! 
Wearing black sclera lenses with this look is highly recommended, so you can open your eyes and still look terrifying.

Blind Seer

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