Friday, 3 January 2014

Why do Circle Lenses/ Contact Lenses Rip & How to Prevent?

Circle lenses/ Contact lenses are very fragile and need special care to be taken for. They float on your eye hence partially block oxygen permeability. Some people suffer from a special eye condition known as “Dry Eyes”. When people witch this condition wears circle lenses/ contact lenses; circle lenses might turn dry. This as a result rips off circle lenses/ contact lenses.

Always remember; circle lenses or contact lenses do not rip on their own. The criminal act of keeping them dry & paying no attention towards lubricating them is often the main culprit. Circle lenses/ contact lenses when dry become crisp which makes it easier for them to get damaged by being scratched/torn and ripped.

How to Prevent Circle Lenses/ Contact Lenses from Being Ripped & Torn?
  • Always follow the below notes religiously and you will never rip a lens!
  • Keep your nails filed & neat always when you handle your circle lenses or alternatively use tweezers.
  • Use rewetting drops if you have dry eyes syndrome
  • Prevent your circle lenses from rough climatic conditions.
  • Wear safety eye-wear whilst wearing circle lenses during sports like racketsetc
  • Keep circle lenses completely immersed in solution
  • After soaking them in the respective wells of storage case; slide them slightly to ensure that they do not adhere to the surface of the well but float.
  • Before handling contact lenses; wet your finger tips with contact lens solution and gently rub. Avoid harsh touches
  • Avoid applying eyeliner on your lower lash line/ tear-duct as it forms a thin coat and blocks tear-production. This will make your eyes dry and will be a painful experience
  • Whilst removing your lenses; do not pinch them off from center
  • Use quality cases of circle lenses

If you do not want to use tweezers ( as you will have to get them properly disinfected too) but love to keep nails long; then be very careful every time you wear them. To keep circle lenses safety dealing them with the pad of your thumb and index finger instead of nails. Take complete care of circle lenses and keep your eyes moist using quality and standard eye drops.While removing; pinch them from edges instead of pinching from at center.

What happens if I wear a torn/ripped contact lens?
Always be very careful & avoid wearing damaged circle lenses. Upon wearing torn circle lenses; bacteria may penetrate into your eye from over the surface of contacts and become the reason of serious eye infections and corneal abrasions.

How to remove a broken/ torn contact lens from eyes?
Do not panic. Learn how to remove ripped/torn/ broken circle lenses from eyes with the help of a friend and mirror.

Use Circle Lens/ Contact Lens Care Kit to prevent both your eyes & lenses from damage.

Never re-use a dried contact lens if it seems damaged. When you find your circle lenses have dried out-avoid handling them whilst they are crisp. Immediately soak them in disinfectant and let them there for 6 hours before any inspections. 


  1. Will you be able to wear the lense again, after you've soaked them in disinfectant?

  2. Amallie Skovbo

    It is good to avoid wearing dried-out contact lenses again because there are chances that they might have been ripped. I once opened my contact lens case which were long forgotten. After opening the case i ofcourse found them totally dry and crisp. Instead of touching them in the dry state; i refilled the case with fresh solution; soaked them overnight and inspected for scratches on the surface.

    Luckily I managed to rewear those contacts again. I still however recommend you to avoid wearing dryied out contact lenses because it is not risk free. I have been wearing contacts since ages and so I was confident enough to take this bold step. IF you are reluctant; dont try it :)