Thursday, 28 April 2016

“Capture Images & Store them in your Contact Lenses”- A New Patent by Sony Discloses about the Near Future Technology

Courtesy: Techstory

Looks like the war has begun. Earlier nations would take pride on armory, weapons and ammunition. Today, artillery is too mainstream. It is time to take over the world by technology that has only existed in science fiction. Brace yourself, compact & highly personal technology is soon to invade the world for good! We assume that the coming era will be known as “Contact Lens Era” since Sony has now joined the tech-league, led by Google.

Two years back Google hoisted its flag in the field of bio-engineering by unveiling its contact lenses that could detect sugar level in one’s blood; thus world observed an achievement of the landmark. It was just three weeks back when Samsung received the patent for smart contact lenses that couldn’t only capture the images but will transfer them to a mobile device using a wireless connection. We weren’t yet out of this trance when out of a sudden Samsung blew the bomb of another surprising & uber cool technology. The proud tech giant has just unveiled how it was secretly working on a cool gadget i.e. “Smart contact lenses with built-in storage”.

It will not be too early to state that Sony’s contact lenses will take the world by storm as soon as they are available commercially. These contact lenses will be taking pictures, storing them and playing videos for you- all with just a blink of an eye; cool, isn’t it?

Let’s wait together until all jaws are dropped in bewilderment. We don’t know what is coming next tomorrow!

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