Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Habit that Increases the Risk of Infections by Five Times among Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lens wearers are at a greater risk of infections than those who do not wear them. Fortunately, contact lenses themselves are not a threat but the careless attitude of the patient. Over the counter contact lens solutions and counterfeit contact lenses have already penetrated deep into the masses that make it complex to differentiate between genuine & fake products. Other than ending up using substandard contact lenses & accessories; there is one risk behavior that further puts contact lens wearers’ vision at stake by five times. 

As per CDC- Centre of Disease Control, more than a million people suffer from eye infections every year, alone in the U.S. Dr. Timothy Quinn released a statement according to which Primary Care physicians receive a lot of patients everyday having issues with their contact lenses. As per the survey report; nearly all of the survey participants reported being involved in at least one risk behavior whilst using contact lenses. Handling contact lenses with unwashed hands raises the risk of eye infections by more than five times. Shockingly enough, all contact lens wearers are involved in unhygienic practices and have confessed touching their contact lenses and or rubbing eyes without washing their hands.

Half of those who surveyed reported wearing their lenses whilst they sleep whereas 82% of the survey participants said over-wearing their contacts past their expiry.

Contact lens induced infections may turn eyes red, inflamed and create an itchy sensation. In serious cases, a burning stinging sensation may be felt that is often a result of chronic Acanthamoeba attack. This corneal devouring parasite feeds on your cornea that to date is cure less.

Infections may stay dormant for quite sometimes that facilitate growth of bacteria without even letting you know. Dr. Quinn suggests to get yourself checked immediately if you notice anything strange in your eyes such as sensitivity to the light and blurred vision.

Follow contact lens care instructions & guard your eyes against infections. Wearing Korean origin genuine contact lenses is half the journey to leading a healthy lifestyle. Rest half of the journey depends upon your attitude towards contact lenses. 

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