Monday, 26 May 2014

Queen Elsa Cosplay Contact Lenses: Elsa Circle Lenses from Frozen

Queen Elsa is undoubtedly the most famous regal animated character that has ever been released by the “House of Disney”. Queen Elsa’s striking appearance sparked a competition since the entrepreneurs found “Elsa’s costume & accessories” the next flourishing & affluent business to invest in. Elsa cosplay contact lenses help fans imitate the fierce yet melting ice blue eyes whereas the costume can be flawlessly made at home with little effort & creativity.

Queen Elsa Cosplay Contact Lenses: Elsa Circle Lenses from Frozen

Though the other Disney movies regale the viewers through dances of adventurous and chaste princesses who are full of innocence; Elsa is rather a story of a “Queen” who is powerful yet reserved. Disney Queen Elsa is a “Snow Queen” with pallid blonde hair; often braided lavishly &who wears a porcelain complexion. Her high facial bridges give her face a cute pop whilst her vivid blue eyes add to her strikingly gorgeous personality. Her eyes are brilliant blue hue that are bigger and deeper which successfully shows the emotional side of Queen Elsa.

Queen Elsa cosplay contact lenses ought to be the same drop dead stunner with outstanding lucidity. Geo Cpa-2 circle lenses having the same pattern with “minor white lines” running around the edges make the best Elsa cosplay contact lenses. Dolly Eye Blytheye blue can also be taken as Elsa cosplay contact lenses. The outer black edge gives you an illusion of bigger eyes just like the eyes of Elsa. Wear them against your light or dark colored eyes to make an impact of brilliance and vibrancy. In addition, you can get Cosplay Wig - Frozen - Elsa from our Wig selection. 

Elsa cosplay contact lenses are definitely going to win you accolades. That dazzling Elsa’s costume is not worthy being into limelight until you cast a finishing spell to your personality & attire by wearing Elsa cosplay contact lenses.


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