Saturday, 5 January 2013

Year End Bonanza: Big Eye Circle Lenses & Big Eye Contact Lenses

Have you already availed the amazing offers on big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses; we launched in our year end bonanza? Come on, tighten your seat belts and enjoy the roller coaster ride at the end of the year which we have extended for a few more days!

  1. You are subjected to get a free pair of big eye circle lenses with every purchase of big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses.
  2. You will be getting a free pair alsoon purchasing two pairs of big eye circle lenses and big eye contact lenses both.
  3. Oh, and did we mention the free gift? Free gift will not be revealed until you unveil your ordered product; beautifully hand-wrapped.
  4. The prices have been decreased amazingly. Each pair will cost you $9.80 only.
This month’s promotion is adorned with “Barbie Ash Series big eye contact lenses”. Big eye contact lensesof Barbie ash series are available from soft to bright colors that are ash blue, ash green, ash brown and ash grey. Each pair is available for $9.80 only

We want each one of our lovely customer to get something from UNIQSO. Therefore, we planned a “Big Eye Contact Lenses Giveaway” in color black. This is the month of Capricorns and Capricorns love the elegance of black. In order to cherish with them, we are giving away a pair of black big eye contact lenses and store credit for your friend. There will be two winners selected randomly to enjoy the giveaway. What more, none of you will stay empty-handed since all of our participants will be getting a $5 store credit, yaay!

The giveaway will last till 25th January. Give it a try, before it is too late. You may be one of the winners of big eye contact lenses!


  1. This sounds awesome. I can't wait to try out your lenses. Ordering some right now

    1. Thanks dear. Remember to join our giveaway too.

  2. when it ends the promotion buy 2 get 1 free?