Friday, 27 February 2015

Benefits of Wired Wig Comb

A natural hair wig is more durable & forgiving. Unfortunately it however comes with an unforgiving price tag. Thus, using a synthetic hair wig is more pocket friendly & convenient. Though they have several advantages over real hair wigs, they also reserve the limitations.  It takes minimum time in styling & maintenance. Synthetic hair wigs may last you a good period of 12 months or more if they are handled carefully. They should be combed only using a wig wire brush as the ordinary combs/brushes can cause too much of the breakage in hair strands.

This wig comb is composed of narrow wired rotating teeth that:

  1. Reduces friction
  2. Reduces tension
  3. Reduces breakage and hair loss
  4. Reduces static cling
  5. Easily de-tangles a tangled/ damaged wig

Before combing your wigs, shake them off lightly by resting your wig in your palm. The vigorous shaking will shed off any loose fibers that could later get into eyes. After you are done shaking your wig, gently comb it using a wired brush. It will swiftly remove the tangles; make it look sleek & more managed in less than a minute.

The wired wig comb costs $0.50 only and can be purchased fromUniqso.

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