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Can I add the Solution after each use in my Contact Lens Case?

Adding contact lens solution to your contact lens case after every use is known as “Topping off”. Topping off contact lens solution is associated with several eye diseases and infections. According to the eye care professionals the solution that has once been used to disinfect your circle lenses is not worth of performing the same job again.

Why should I avoid “Topping Off” Solution?

Can I add the Solution after each use in my Contact Lens Case?

Actually upon wearing colored contact lenses; bacteria, pollen & dirt from environment and protein debris from eyes get accumulated on the surface of contact lenses. The lens solution in your cases also pick “lint” from the air every time you open the chambers. This is why you are required to disinfect your circle lenses after each use and before reinserting them in your eyes. When contact lenses are soaked in the solution for disinfection; those harmful bacteria leave the contacts but reside in your contact lens case. This being said; you are advised to replace your circle lens case too after every three months.

The Solution?
Therefore one must dispose of all the solution in the circle lens case before soaking contact lenses again for disinfection. To further reduce the risk factor; circle lens cases should be rubbed for at least 5 seconds with already cleaned & dry finger pads. Avoid rubbing or handling contact lens cases with wet hands since water drops may induce a harmful bacterium disease known as “Acanthamoeba  Keratitis”. It is a serious corneal abrasion; roughly explained as “Corneal Ulcer” which is resistant to cure & treatment.

Bonus Tips:
Always use a quality multi-purpose circle lens solution and do not use contact lens solution as eye drops. Similarly eye drops should also never be used as the substitute of multi-purpose solution.

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