Friday, 28 March 2014

Can I wear Circle Lenses in a Bathtub or Hot Tub?

Can I wear Circle Lenses in a Bathtub or Hot Tub?

Circle lenses or contact lenses should never be worn in bathtub or hot tubs. According to FDA; it is strictly prohibited to bring circle contact lenses in contact to any form of water.

All types of impure water such as in pools, saunas, tap water and bathtubs/hot tubs contain a vision-threatening organism, “Acanthamoeba Keratitis” which if clings to circle contact lenses may completely destroy the cornea leading towards “permanent blindness”. These bacteria are reported to eat the human cornea like a parasite which cannot be unfortunately fully cured.

If accidentally one forgets to remove the circle contact lenses before getting into bathtubs or hot tubs; one must take care to avoid splashing water into eyes. If unknowingly this happens; it is advised to instill lubricating drops into eyes and try removing circle contact lenses with clean, disinfected and dry hands. After removing circle contact lenses safely; disinfect them with a multi-purpose solution and store them in the respective chambers of contact lens case.

If you find any infection developing in eyes due to the circle contact lenses that were exposed to water previously please stop wearing them on immediate basis. Don’t risk your vision as your eyes are more precious than the $20 that were spent in buying circle contact lenses.

Although eye infection caused by “Acathamoeba Keratitis” is very rare; we must learn that prevention is better than cure. Therefore avoid wearing circle contact lenses when heading towards bathtub.

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