Thursday, 30 January 2014

Can I wash Face Wearing Circle Contact Lenses?

Can I wash Face Wearing Circle Contact Lenses?

No; one must take off circle contact lenses before washing face.  It is better to prevent circle contact lenses from water as much as possible. Circle contact lenses are to improve your vision and looks. Therefore; they should not be misused- if only you want to get the most from this very ingenious eye wear.

People say that they are very concerned about the safety of their eyes and thus clean their circle contact lenses diligently. Contrary to this; a survey published in “Optometry and Vision Sciences”; reveals shocking facts according to which only 2% of the survey respondents are following the rules for safe use of circle contact lenses. People fail to realize that circle contact lenses are not mere fashion accessories but medical devices and should be treated and handled like wise. People fail to follow the hygiene guidelines when using circle contact lenses, often fall asleep wearing them, run out of contact lens solution and even do not hesitate wearing circle contact lenses past their expiration date. If you are also doing this; then you are at risk of complete blindness.

Tap water contains many bacteria which may harmfully affect your eyes. The most common bacteria present in water is “Acanthamoeba  Keratitis”. This bacterium damages your cornea which is almost impossible to get completely cured. In severe cases keratitis can lead to corneal scarring that leads to total blindness.

Swimming in circle contact lenses and taking shower in them is also therefore a big no-no. Circle contact lenses should be kept away from water in all conditions. "We see amoeba infections from people showering in their contacts, going swimming in lakes. These infections are horrible”, says Cavanagh; a corneal surgeon.

According to medical reports; eye diseases caused by circle contact lenses are relatively rare and can be completely prevented if you learn to take care of your circle contact lenses like a pro user.

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